The Stage and Page workshops and retreats came about to honour the memory of Ian Seddon, a dear friend. He was an inspirational head of English and head teacher. Privately he wrote beautifully but always lacked the confidence to make it his second career.

Ian Seddon

We hope our workshops and retreats will give anyone the core essential techniques, in any genre, to write compellingly and thereby have the confidence they need to develop their writing.  With this in mind there is a free place on every course we run in Suffolk with the aim of making sure this expert tutoring is available to all who would benefit from it.  There are no age, experience, or financial restrictions to apply for this place, just the desire to immerse yourself in the teaching and take from it all that you can.  In the first instance please email us with a request to be considered for a free place. The recipient of this place is awarded at the discretion of the Tutors and Host.